>DETO: Vinny’s Cinna-Mint


My friend Vinny recently unveiled his current pride and joy: a 1995 Lexus SC300. Not only is this car equipped with the uber-rare 5 speed transmission, but the rear sub frame was completely swapped out from a real Toyota Soarer along with a complete 97+ conversion done to the body – Front bumper, rear bumper, taillights, and headlights. Not to mention the former owner was Nick D’Alessio from Elitejdm.com, so you know this car is legit. I feel that Vinny’s wheel set up really sets off this car. We all know most people would keep it safe and go with more conventional colors, but Vinny wanted to do something different. Driving around with Vinny, we certainly caught some stares of shock and awe. We were stopped at almost every light with a barrage of questions from the car next to us about the wheels. It put a huge smile on Vinny’s face every time. Love’em or hate’em, Vinny’s just doing his thing and having fun doing it. 🙂


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