>iM Feature: Ricky’s CCW’d GTI MKV

>Ricky’s Volkswagen has really been a long time coming for those who knew when he got the car. The day he picked it up, he had an idea and that idea became another idea and eventually became a plan. Once that had all started, it all started coming together.

Volkswagen’s are known to be dumped, fitted and look damn good doing it. Ricky’s GTI is no different. There are usually two routes that VW owners go – static drop on coils or dropped on bags. Ricky took the static route and went on doing his research. What coils to get, what size wheels and tires… and while it all seems overly simple, when you get down to the nitty gritty, if you get it wrong, you got a pretty shitty outcome. Offset is off by 5mm making it either hard to fit or not satisfying. Coilovers don’t go low enough, so now what? The difference here is that Ricky paid attention to all the little details that (when you think about it) paint a really big picture.

Since mid summer of 2010, he has been gathering parts here and there and over the winter, they’ve been sitting in a corner gathering dust, begging to be put on. The amount of patience it takes to say “no” and having to look at them everyday is mind boggling. Most of us know this.

It started off going from little things like LED’s and maybe an air freshener here and some nice floor mats there. Eventually you get bored of wasting your money on the little things and you need to find some way to get your car noticed. This is the result of that.

18″ CCW LM20’s
215/40/18 Falken FK 912’s
FK Silverline Coilovers

Wolfsburg Lower and front grill
Euro GT Fog grills
OEM LED tail lights
Cleared side markers

Forge Twintake
Stage 1 Revo


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  1. >so sick.. love the stance

    May 18, 2011 at 4:07 AM

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