>iM: Dude Blvd Crew Shout Out

>Went to check out one of my favorite blogs this afternoon and noticed Nit’s awesome post regarding illmotion’s interest in repping for Dude Blvd here in Canada. I had the opportunity to chat it up with him the other night and it reminded me why we do what we do here on illmotion.

If you can remember way back when we posted DudeBlvd’s “Devil In A New Dress” video featuring a VIP GS430 & the lovely Julie Mai. That was the first time I heard of DudeBlvd and their blog. When I first stumbled upon DudeBlvd, I thought it was just “another one of those car blogs”. 3 hours later, my thoughts on the blog entirely changed as I was glued to their site.

There’s something about DudeBlvd.com that always has me checking back on their site and paying attention to what they do. It’s more than just the cars and parts list, it’s the people behind the wheel/scenes that get together to make this scene so special; the entire culture/scene as a whole is represented on Dudeblvd.

Behind all the form, function, speed, stance, etc. is a community. When I check up on DudeBlvd on the daily, I see more than just the cars, I get to see the people behind their builds which gives it that raw feeling like you were actually there.

It’s that “Down To Earth” vibe of DudeBlvd.com that reminds the illmotion crew to always stay humble and be respectful to all the car enthusiasts out there. Thanks Nit & The Dude Blvd Crew! We’re looking forward to reppin’ you guys hard out here in Canada.

The car scene is always evolving, but one thing will always remain the same: the passion that we all share as a community is what keeps us going.

-illmotion crew

If you haven’t heard of DudeBlvd yet, be sure to hit ’em up! http://www.dudeblvd.com


One response

  1. Nit

    >well said JC. thanks for the love. -nitty beat

    May 19, 2011 at 2:57 AM

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