>iM Event Coverage: Marcy’s Army @ The 2011 Underwear Affair

>You may remember the release of our “Oil Slick” decals a few months back with 100% of the proceeds going to Marcy’s Army and their efforts to beat cancer at this year’s 2011 Underwear Affair. Because of your support the “Oil Slick” decals sold quick and we donated $150.00 to Marcy’s Army member Scott Pearson.

One of the perks of donating to Scott was being able to dress him up in whatever the crew here at illmotion pleased. With help from Marcy’s Army Captain Teddy Lopez we decided to make him do the 10k run in a banana suit modified by yours truly.

Prashant and I decided to take some snaps before the run to support our Marcy’s Army homies. Scott’s banana suit also ended up 2nd place for best costume at the Underwear Affair!

We want to take this opportunity to congratulate Marcy’s Army on finishing the 10k Run in a little over an hour, as well as raising over $6000 with proceeds going to Cancer research and care for patients at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre and throughout Alberta.

Awesome job guys!



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