>iM Upcoming Events: Revwerks Track Day June 23rd


Revwerks Track Day #3! Get out there and rip around! This time, instead of being an all day event, it will be an evening schedule from 5-10PM. This gives anyone who works during the day a chance to come out right after work! Hit up Rhys for more info.

Details below

DEPOSITS are a must, if i don’t have solid numbers the day won’t be running had a couple problems with the last day and we ended up being short on people to cover the cost of the day..

I will be taking deposits all the way until June 17Th That should give everyone that gets paid on a bi-weekly schedule to commit..


rhys @ revwerks.com
– Include in the message what car you will be driving and your first and last name.

Email me – rhys @ revwerks.com
Phone me – 403-681-0244

-Phone / Text Him – 403-667-2244
– Include in the envelope what car you will be driving and your first and last name..

And a quick laydown of the rules:
*Everyone entering the facility must check in with Rhys to sign the waiver, and pay. (balance by cash please, it’s easy for me to pay the track this way.)
*Safety is the PRIMARY concern at all times during this event. Anyone seen to be unsafe on or off the track will be removed from this event and possibly future events.
*Anyone driving in an unsafe manner will be removed from the event immediately with no refund.
*Do not bring an un-safe car! Before you come inspect your rotors/pads and tires
• You must drive within your abilities and exercise good judgment on and off of the track.
• In addition, passing is only allowed in designated passing zones. (Front straight EAST SIDE ONLY.)
• Everyone who participates in this event will be required to wear a helmet of a Snell rating of 2000 or higher.
• Long pants are mandatory while on track
• Should all four wheels leave the track, this is considered a spin out.
• Dropping single or multiple wheels off the pavement, at the entrance , apex or exit of the turns will not be permitted.
• Two spin-outs or loss of control occurrences will result in termination of your driving privileges.
• Any spin or loss of control when a passenger is in the car will result in termination of passenger privileges.
• This event will take place in rain or shine. No refunds will be given for inclement weather.
• No instructors are provided.
• All Drivers must have a valid driver’s license. This must be presented at registration.
• All riders/Drivers are responsible for their own medical and car insurance (remember that you really don’t have any.)
• No alcohol consumption during the track day
• Pit road and paddock speed limit is 10 kph
• NO Burnouts or doughnuts anywhere on the track or the lot.
• Pets must be kept on a leash at all times.
• No stopping on the racing surface
• The race track is one way travel at all times and will be counter-clockwise for this event.
• No standing or sitting on pit wall
• All children must be supervised at all times
• No burn outs spinning tires or throwing stones (this will be considered unsafe behavior)
• Drivers will be responsible for any damage that they induce to the track surface and/or the facilities
• No refueling or Oil changing on any asphalt surface
• Any oil or fuel spill shall be cleaned up immediately by the responsible party
• Any vehicle with fluid leaks will not be allowed on the track surface until repaired

Visit the beyond.ca thread for more info Revwerks Track Day


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