>iM Event Coverage: All Japanese Show & Shine

>After two hours of driving, our group arrived in the beautiful Victoria B.C for the 6th annual all Japanese car show. The sun was a shinning, cars shined up and everyone was enjoying themselves with the 150+ cars which came out this year. The Vancouver Island Datsun Enthusiast’s are the hosting club of the all Japanese car show each year, while there were only a couple Datsuns in the crowd, the competition was dominated by Honda’s, Subaru’s, and Nissans.

Every year this event just gets better and better, the first few years only started out with a few local cars, and over the years the numbers grew to well over 150. With enthusiasts coming from all over the mainland and the island, there were a good variety of cars. Platform Garage and Capital Drift had a huge amount of their drift rat’s at the show including many s13’s and AE86’s. They were real head turners and people seemed to appreciate the drifter look with smashed up bodies and curb rashed wheels. But the real head turners were the amount of NSX’s that showed up, 3 of which where from the boys of Auto FX and another from a local guy. A vast amount of Honda’s were also in the crowd, from your teenage high school budget project car, to your full on show car, they were the center of the crowd this weekend. One of which Honda’s owned by a local tuner won first place for best car with his 1990 Civic EF hatch, who greatly deserved it. If you knew the amount of blood, sweat, and tears that went into this ride, you would agree with me.

While many owners drove away with awards, most drove away with inspiration, and
grins on there faces from what a great overall day they had. Lets just hope next year will see the same beautiful weather we saw today and hope to see even more cars out for the good times followed. Special thanks to the Vancouver Island Datsun club for throwing on this event for the past 6 years as well as a thanks to the city of Victoria to let us use the beautiful parkland for the show every year.

The rest of the pics can be found HERE


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