iM Feature: Gabes 1990 Civic EF Hatch

Being from Vancouver Island, you don’t hear a whole lot about the cars and culture we have. Being a 2 hour ferry ride from Vancouver, and 3 hours from Seattle, the major car populations of those cities over throw what we have, and often times steal the spot light. But little do people know, we have some of the sickest cars around. One being Gabe’s 1990 Honda Civic.

September 2009 marked the starting date of this new project when Gabe purchased the rusted, battered old civic to make it his own. Gabe’s the kind of guy who builds everything himself, from custom down pipes, to waste gate dumps, to piecing together his engine, he certainly doesn’t let anyone else touch his car with a wrench, and certainly doesn’t cut any short cuts when he builds these purpose built projects. Gabe has been building some of the islands cleanest cars for a number of years now out of his small garage at home.

SIR Front Lip
JDM Amber Side Markers
Amber Corner Lights and Bumper Lights
VIS Carbon Fiber Hood
Benen Toe Hook
8000k 9006 HID’s

Personal Trophy Black Suede Steering Wheel
D1 Spec hub
Skunk2 Short Shifter
Skunk2 Titanium Shift Knob
Bride ZetaII Seats
Harness Bar
4 Point Harness
Password JDM Rear Strut Bar
NRG Floor Mats


Stance Emotion Wheels 15×8 +25mm Offset
195/50/15 Toyo Proxy R1R’s
ARP Extended Wheel Studs
D1 Spec Forged Wheel Lugs
Skunk2 Pro C Coilovers
SPC Rear Upper Control Arms
Blox Rear Lower Control Arms
Full Race Traction Bar Kit
Polyurethane Bushing Kit
Power Slot Rotors and Hawk Pads
Rear Disc Swap
CRX SI Proportioning Valve

Engine & Engine Management

Eagle Forged H-beam Rods
CP 9.0:1 Forged Turbo Pistons
Super Tech Block Guard
ARP Head Studs
Cometic MLS Head Gasket
Skunk2 Pro Intake Manifold
68mm Blox Throttle Body
Blox Vacuum Manifold
AEM Fuel Rail
750cc RC Injectors
Aeromotive FPR
Greddy Timing Belt
Pfab Tubular Log Turbo Manifold
38mm Tial Wastegate
Garret T3/T4 Turbo
HKS SSQ Blow Off Valve
255ghp Walbro Fuel Pump
AEM Boost Gauge With Integrated Boost Controller
AEM Oil Pressure Gauge
AEM Wide Band O2 Sensor
Z10 Engineering Block Catch Can -12 AN Fittings
Allstar Performance Valve Cover Catch Can -10 AN fittings
Fluidyne Aluminum Half Rad
Gates Blue Silicon Rad Hoses
Hondata S300
Hondata 4bar Map Sensor
OBD1 Swap
Innovative Billet B-Series Mounts
Innovation B Series Shift Linkage
ACT 4 puck Riveted Hub Race Disc
ACT Extreme Pressure Plate
HKS Oil Cap
294 WHP @ 14 PSI

Its been a long time coming, and lets just say that Gabe’s not even close to done yet. He still has plans to make this car look and perform on another level. It’s going to be interesting to watch as he continues on through out the years perfecting this old school hatch. You will be able to see this hatch at this years Driven To Perform event in Vancouver.


5 responses

  1. Dan

    Any info on who did the welding for the catch can fittings on the valve cover?

    July 13, 2011 at 4:33 PM

  2. Pretty positive gabe did the catch can fittings himself

    July 13, 2011 at 6:19 PM

  3. Gabe did all the welding himself.

    July 13, 2011 at 7:30 PM

  4. Dan

    Thanks for the info,
    also, It doesn't mention the brand of the harness bar, is it custom?

    July 16, 2011 at 8:47 AM

  5. Anonymous

    Very nice EF! Tell the owner to join
    East Coast EF Civics and share his build.

    September 23, 2011 at 10:21 AM

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