iM Event Coverage: DTP Vancouver July 16, 2011 – Part 3

Keepin’ things going with more coverage from DTP Vancouver, Part 3 of our iM Event Coverage will focus on the illmotion crew and the awesome homies who came out to represent with us.

Gotta give a huge shout out and thanks to Steve, Terence, Gopesh, Chris, James, Kirsten/Brodie, Michael and Dave (and the others who came along for the ride) for reppin’ with us and cruising along with us on the drive to Vancouver. It was definitely a pleasure meeting those we haven’t met before and kickin’ it with you guys at the show!

The rain did have its downside, but rockin’ with the crew and taking home 4 awards made it all worth it! In the end, it was all about the people at hand getting together for the love of this lifestyle we lead.

Once again, a HUGE congratulations to Chris, James and Michael on winning in their respective classes. Good job guys!

Lastly, big ups to illmotion’s very own Punit Patel for winning 2nd Place Best Acura. I don’t think there is a single person in the crew who hasn’t put in work in that Integra, so it was definitely a good feeling to see you win that award. Congrats homie!

Let’s move on to the pics!

More pics can be found HERE


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