iM Event Coverage: Stanceworks Tailored Seattle

The very first PNW Stanceworks event, Tailored Seattle took place this past weekend at Chaney Stadium in Tacoma. With the sun shining, and the some 30 degree weather, there were a vast amount of cars tailored to fit, from all makes and models. People coming from all over the PNW, Southern States, and Canada brought there cars for what they say was one of the first events of this kind located here in the PNW. With over 250+ cars, the show had a great turn out, and there was certainly something for every enthusiast to enjoy.

Stanceworks also hosted an Air Ride Limbo contest at the event, although there were a hand full of bagged cars making it far, the competition was dominated by the static cars. The two winning cars being Miatas, piled in as many people as they could, just to get that few mm’s lower. I don’t think anyone would ever imagine 9 people being able to squeeze into one.

For more pics click HERE


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