iM Event Coverage: Waterwerks 2011

Waterwerks first kicked off a few years ago, when one of the major PNW Audi/Volkswagen events was cancelled. Local enthusiasts then came together to organize what is now the PNW’s largest European car show. Chaney Stadium has been the venue since the first event in 2008. While there were only 300 cars, there was room for growth in the rather large venue. Over the years this event has done nothing but grow. For 2011 there were over 700 cars, while at least 3000+ people walked through the gates to come and witness this event. In the years Waterfest NW has been able to pick up some huge tittle sponsors including Rotiform Wheels, Podi Gauges, Air Lift, Fine Tuning, and many more.

When you come to Waterfest, you want to come for the whole weekend. With events starting on Friday, there are endless activities to not only to partake in, but to spectate as well. They include Auto-x, Kart-x, Dyno, Teeter Totter, and the Air Ride Limbo. You want to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. Though Sunday is the climax for the whole weekend, with over 20 vendors showing their latest products. And lets not forget the the main show. Overall Waterwerks NW is a must attend event if you live in the PNW or anywhere near. Its events like these that redefine the European scene, and make it what it is today. Here are only a small amount of the photos from this event.

Additional photos from the event can be found HERE


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