iM Feature: OG (Orlando’s Garage) 1986 Toyota Corolla GT-S

The AE86.

Popularized by the Japanese Manga “Intial D”, the Toyota AE86 Corolla is probably one of the most desired cars by comic book fans, drifters and enthusiasts alike. Anyone who’s ever owned, ridden in, or come close to an 86 knows there’s just something that leaves one to wonder just what it is about the car that leaves them wanting more.

Is it the car’s 50/50 balance? It’s trademark Toyota “odd looks”? Or the fact that it was considered Toyota’s last “compact” RWD sports car? Your guess is as good as ours.

What happens though, when you mix a “Toyota at heart” soul and the 86 platform? Well, have a look at Orlando Tan’s 1986 Toyota Corolla GT-S.

Orlando Tan of “(O.G.) Orlando’s Garage” has made quite a name for himself when it comes to anything and everything to do with custom motor swaps, and living the 86 life. A prime example of Orlando’s work you ask? Well, you may remember Benny’s F20-swapped Panda 86 that we featured a little over a year ago.

Upon first glance of Orlando’s AE86, the exterior just leaves you breathless. With Toyota’s attractive “Super Red” paint shining, fitted with a Kouki Trueno front bumper, Zenki Trueno front lip, Kouki Trueno side skirts, Kouki Trueno rear bumper, and Toyota Kouki OEM “Redline” taillights, everything else in the car perfectly falls into place.

When it came to the interior of this AE86, Orlando knew very well that almost all interior pieces are just impossible to find (in good condition) nowadays. To kick it old school, one look of the interior and you will find nothing but pristine OEM goodness. That’s right, the interior is well restored and Orlando went all out to ensure the interior remained all OEM Toyota everything.

With the AE86 well known for it’s suspension, this Corolla stays glued to the road thanks to a Carbing Tri-Bar strut tower bar, Techno Toy Tuning front and rear coilovers and KYB AGX shocks on all four corners.

With an amazing interior and exterior, you’re left to wonder just what is in the belly of the beast. As mentioned earlier, Orlando, known for his incredible swaps and custom work, keeps his signature going with a Beam’s grey top VVT-i 3SGE suited with a Toyota CT20B Turbo, under the hood. With a very clean swap to perfectly flow with the rest of the car, Orlando’s Beam’s AE86 just screams “unassuming”.

So just what is it about the AE86 that leaves one wanting more? In Orlando’s case, this AE86 is his answer.

With countless hours, late nights and early mornings going into this car at Orlando’s Garage, this is one AE86 that you truthfully have to see in person to believe. Until then though, we hope these photos are enough to tide you over.

//OWNER: Orlando Tan
//CAR: 1986 Toyota Corolla GT-S


BEAMS Greytop 3SGE VVti
OG Engine Harness
OG Custom Motor Mounts using AE86 bushings
OG Custom turbo manifold built from old Toyota piping 1 5/8″ Primaries
OG Custom 3″ Downpipe
OG Custom 3″ exhaust made from Greddy Stock
OG Custom Oil feed lines
OG Custom Oil pan and pickup
Toyota CT20B Ceramic turbo
OG Custom BEAMS intake manifold with internal velocity stacks
OEM Toyota 70mm Throttle Body
HKS Black Limited BOV
OG Custom Intercooler Piping
Autopwr R32 Intercooler
Autopwr AE86 Racing Radiator


Stinger 4 Standalone ECU
PLX Devices wideband o2 sensor and gauge


OG Custom 3S to W58 bell housing
W58 5-Speed Transmission
OEM 3SGTE Clutch
OG Custom Driveshaft
OEM Toyota LSD Rear End


T3 Front Camber Plates
T3 Front Coilovers
T3 Rear Coilovers
KYB AGX shocks all 4 corners
CARBING Front Tri-bar


15×8 0 offset TE37 Replicas
Wilwood Minilite BBK
Goodridge SS Lines


OEM Toyota Kouki Trueno Front Bumper
OEM Toyota Zenki Trueno Front Lip
OEM Toyota Kouki Trueno Rear Bumper
OEM Toyota Kouki Trueno Side Skirts
OEM Toyota Corolla GTS Rear Wing
OEM Toyota Kouki Trueno Redline Taillights




2 responses

  1. Awesome '86…LOVE the BEAMS; HATE the ROTAS!

    October 19, 2011 at 8:33 PM

  2. Rick

    Who cares about the Rota's dude… he probably has a reason for it. either thousands of dollars on wheels or thousands on engine.

    November 29, 2011 at 11:14 AM

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