iM Highlight: Ger’s 350z

If your an avid reader of our site then you’ve seen a couple snapshots of Ger’s dumped and flushed 350z in the past at various events out east. He is a member of the infamous Level One crew out of Toronto, and in true Level One fashion his car is jaw dropping with a long list of baller, top notch parts.

Ger started out in the scene with a couple euro cars. First one being an Audi A4 with a respectable list of upgrades (wheels, suspension, lip kit and various other bolt ons) however after running into some problems with that project car he quickly sold it off for a VW Jetta GLI. In typical euro fashion the Jetta was promptly slammed on some flush BBS wheels and it was also rocking 6 pot Porsche brakes.

At this point he wanted more. And he wanted JDM. Enter 350z.

Over the 4 years+ of owning the 350z Roger has transformed it from stock to an all out track car and then into an extremely clean, show worthy daily driver. This is mostly due to the large time and financial commitment that comes with beating your car up on the track.

Regardless of what the car is currently use for this iteration is looking mighty fine! And as mentioned above its clad with only the best of the best, JDM parts from Nismo, Amuse and Top Secret to name a few.

Authentic Nismo V2 bumper
Authentic Nismo sides
Authentic Top Secret rear diffuser
s2000 antenna

Amuse Titanium exhaust
Tomei V2 header
Tomei Cams
Megan test pipe
Motodyne 5/16″ Intake Spacer
Tuned ECU

Tein MonoFlex coilovers
Hotchiba front/rear sway bar
Cusco front camber kit
SPC rear camber kit

Volks Racing TE37 19×9.5/10.5 +12
Dunlop DZ101 Tires 245/35/19 265/35/19
Kics Spacers 10mm (front), 15mm (rear)

Bride Zeta III racing seat
Key!s Racing 350mm leather semi-cone
WorksBell quick release
WorksBell short hub
ARC shift knob
Takata 4-point seat belt
JVC NX-7000 double-din deck

More pictures can be found in our Flickr page HERE

Also be sure to check out our friends over at Stretch & Pokes recent article, interview and video coverage of Level One HERE


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  1. oh shit. this thing is CRAZY

    November 24, 2011 at 3:30 AM

  2. Anonymous


    November 24, 2011 at 7:15 PM

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