iM Feature: Gangster D’s Honda S2000

If you are a frequent reader here on illmotion, you’ve probably noticed that there is a pretty popular platform amongst the numerous vehicles that have been featured or highlighted since we’ve started. If you guessed the Honda S2000, give yourself a round of applause.

What is it though that makes the Honda S2000 so popular to modify?

A look into the S2000’s history and you will find out that this RWD Convertible Sports Coupe introduced by Honda was received well by critics and drivers alike since it’s induction to the automotive industry in late 1999-early 2000.

The S2000 was a favorite amongst critics because of it’s high engine output and high redline(courtesy of its F20 inline 4 engine), well balanced suspension and handling, and it’s ultra smooth gearbox. With such an awesome reception from owners and car enthusiasts all over the world, it’s no wonder the Honda S2000 is a fan favorite.

What makes the S2000 an obvious contender for upgrading and tuning however, is it’s virtually unlimited array of aftermarket parts that are available for it from top notch performance manufacturers like Spoon Sports, Type-One Racing, Mugen, T1-R, J’s Racing, Phase, ASM-the list can literally go on forever.

With such an excellent selection of manufacturers to choose from, “Gangster D” knew right from the get go what his goals were to set the tone on how his idea of a tastefully modified “Street/Track” S2000 should look and perform.

Standing out from other S2000s in the game is Gangster D’s fully authentic Spoon Sports Wide Body Kit and Shine carbon side diffusers. Gangster D’s definitely putting in Work with a nice set of white Emotion XT-7s playing the field for this S2000’s “shoe game”.

If that wasn’t enough for an exterior introduction, Gangster D keeps it going with suspension goodness for days. Rocking front and rear Sway Bars, a Tower Bar and an X-Brace from Spoon Sports and many more suspension mods, there is no doubting this S2000s ability to stay planted to the concrete.

A look inside of Gangster D’s S2000 and you will find a few interior OEM pieces from the AP2, as well as Spoon Sports seats for both the driver and passenger. Comfort is key here as Takata Harnesses keep both occupants strapped to their seats.

For engine breathability, this is one S2000 that goes unnoticed when it’s Type One 70R Sparrow Exhaust is heard ripping it up at the track, or tamely galavanting the city streets, minding it’s own business.

As you go into further detail with Gangster D’s S2000, you will see there is a lot more to it than what has been mentioned (have a look the spec list and you will see). With such an amazing list of parts on this beast, Gangster D’s S2000 is living proof of how an S2000 can look, handle, and perform at the track, or even just cruise on the daily.

With what seems like an unlimited list of parts that are available to S2000 owners, the possibilities of building a one-off S2000 are endless. So if you’re in the market for a new tuning platform, the S2000 could be just what you are looking for, and look no further than Gangster D’s S2000 for some inspiration…

|OWNER: Gangster D
|VEHICLE: Honda S2000

Full Authentic Spoon Sports Wide Body kit
-Spoon Sports S-Tai Front Bumper
-Spoon Sports S-Tai Bonnet
-Spoon Sports Front Wide Fenders
-Spoon Sports Rear Wide Fender Flares
-Spoon Sports S-Tai Rear Bumper
-Spoon Sports Carbon Rear Diffuser
-Spoon Sports 3D GT Wing
-Spoon Sports Dry Carbon Coupe
-Spoon Sports Hydro Blue Wide Mirror
-Spoon Sports Short Antenna
-Shine Side Carbon Diffuser
1320 Performance Dry Carbon Front Splitter
Honda OEM AP2 headlight
Honda OEM AP2 Taillight

Safely 21 7 Point Roll Cage
Spoon Sports Carbon Kevlar Bucket Seat
Mugen Driver Seat Rail
Spoon Sports Sport Seat
Bride FO Passenger Side Seat Rail
Takata 4-Point Seat Belt Harness
Takata Shoulder Pad
Zoom Engineering Carbon Kevlar Rear Mirror
Isotta Nivola D Steering Wheel
Prodrive Horn Button
Honda OEM AP2 CR Shift knob
Honda OEM AP2 Door Panel
Honda OEM AP2 Center console
Honda OEM AP2 Roll Hoop with Speaker (06+)
Honda OEM AP2 Cluster Bezel

Spoon Sports Strut Tower Bar
Spoon Sports X-Brace
Spoon Sports Brake Calipers
Spoon Sports Brake Hose Set
Spoon Sports Engine Torque Damper Kit
Tein Master Circuit RA Coilovers
Alex Motorsport oversize Front and rear Sway Bar
Type One Racing Front Anti-Bumpsteer Kit
Type One Racing Rear Anti-BumpSteer Kit V2.0
Type One Racing Half Shaft Spacer
Type One Racing Tow Hook

Work XT7 17x9JJ +38 Offset – all around
Project Mu Racing Floating Wheel Nuts

Samco Intake Hose
Spoon Sports Air Cleaner
Spoon Sports Engine Fresh Air Duct (For S-Tai Bumper)
Spoon Sports Oil Cap
Spoon Sports Carbon Kevlar Plug Cover
Type One Racing Response Header
Type One Racing 70R Racing Convertor
Type One Racing 70R Sparrow Exhaust
Spoon Sports Radiator Stay
Spoon Sports Radiator Hose Set
Spoon Sports Thermo Switch
Spoon Sports Reservoir Tank Cover
Spoon Sports Magnetic Drain Bolt Set
J’s Racing Magnetic Oil Differential Bolt
Phase N1 Dual Radiator
Phase Radiator Cap


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  1. nobodyfamous

    Dai Lo Daniel lol

    December 17, 2011 at 4:18 AM

  2. Anonymous

    All I can say awsome spooooon rules no doubt about it

    December 22, 2011 at 11:19 PM

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