iM: The Re-Up 2011 (Part 2)

Gonna keep things going with our Re-Up 2011 showcasing cars that have graced our blog over the last year.

As Christmas is slowly winding down, we just wanna wish you guys a Merry Christmas and we hope it was a good one!


|OWNER: Mike Salek
|VEHICLE: 2005 Ducati 999R

Although not your typical iM Highlight, when we were given the opportunity to shoot Mike’s hefty collection of bikes we were damn excited to do so. Peep Salek’s Ducati 999R.

iM Highlight: The Might Duc

|OWNER: Steve Chan

Steve keeps the “Made You Look” mentality going as his RSX went through quite a few changes this year.

iM Feature: Steve Chan’s Acura RSX

|OWNER: Ryan O’Hara
|VEHICLE: Honda Civic SiR

Another one illmotion’s own, Ryan O’Hara raises the bar with some ultra rare Volk SE37s in an eye catching “OJ Orange” finish.

iM Feature: Ryan’s 2004 Honda Civic SiR

|OWNER: Almond Deguzman

Euro tuning has never looked so simple and elegant as Almond’s 335i puts in Work with no signs of stopping.

iM Feature: Almond Deguzman’s 335i WORK Beast

|OWNER: Chris
|VEHICLE: Honda S2000

A highlight brought to you from our BC Correspondent Taylor Smith showcasing Chris’ work in a progress, a Honda S2000.

iM Highlight: Chris’s Honda S2000

|VEHICLE: Nissan 350Z

Another sick article from our TO homie GAWA, this is one 350Z that’s got all the right moves with top notch parts for days.

iM Highlight: Ger’s 350Z


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