iM: The Re-Up 2011 (Part 5)

Hitting you guys up with Part 5 of our Re-Up 2011 post rounding off the iM Features and iM Highlights that you’ve seen over the course of the year.

We can’t thank you guys enough for continuing to hold it down with us here on illmotion and be sure to look forward for more features and highlights in the new year!

Stay tuned for two more iM Re-Up specials featuring illmotion x DTP Vancouver and probably our biggest event in 2011, Sunday School: Show & Shine 101.

On to our final Features & Highlights of 2011:

|OWNER: Ricky Luu

Clean and proper is a perfect way to describe Ricky’s GTI sitting on nicely stanced set of CCWs. Still a work in progress, we’ll be paying close attention to what Ricky has in store for next year!

iM Feature: Ricky’s CCW’d GTI MKV

|OWNER: Chris
|VEHICLE: Triumph TR7

Old School soul mixed with modern technology Chris’ TR7 isn’t your average build rocking an SR20 under the hood.

iM Feature: Chris’s Triumph TR7

|OWNER: Reggie Mah
|VEHICLE: 2007 BMW E92 328xi

Without a shadow of a doubt, it can be agreed the Volk TE37 is one of the most classic wheels of all time. It’s no wonder Reggie rocked a set on his E92BMW 328xi.

iM Highlight: Reggie’s 2007 BMW E92 328xi

|OWNER: The Evangelista Brothers
|VEHICLE: Subaru WRX & Subaru STI

Similar, but different. A theme that makes the most sense when comparing the Evangelista Brothers’s Subarus.

iM Highlight: Sibling Rivalry

|OWNER: Gangster D
|VEHICLE: Honda S2000

One of the more recent features here on illmotion, Gangster D looked to Spoon Sports to build one hell of an S2000.

iM Feature: Gangster D’s Honda S2000

|OWNER: Adnan
|VEHICLE: Honda Civic Coupe

This is the end result of taking an 8th Generation Civic and mixing it with a little CCW swag. Adnan keeps it proper.

iM Feature: Adnan’s CCW Swag


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