iM Shop Spotlight: Tommy Kaira & Wald International

We are extremely excited to be presenting our readers with our very first collab posts courtesy of Galan Wan and our fellow bloggers Stretch & Poke from out east. With coverage coming straight out of Japan, we have lots of shop features and tons of Tokyo Auto Salon stuff in the coming days/weeks so be sure to check back often, 56k be warned.

| Tommy Kaira:
We’re starting off with the Japanese car tuning company Tommy Kaira. In addition to being a distributor for many manufacturers they also design and manufacture their own aero products. Their aero kits are designed and rendered by company president Mr. Hiei and then passed off to their modeler to sculpt and refine the design in clay, full scale, till it’s just right.

They’re pushing really hard to get into the Euro market this year with the brand name “Rowen” which is evident by the cars they are franticly preparing for TAS. Just to clarify, these pictures were taken yesterday… 3 days before TAS starts. Some of the cars/kits still need to be finished, painted, and detailed before the 2 hour bullet train ride to the show. I guess the last minute rushing everyone is oh so familiar with this side of the Pacific isn’t lost in Japan.

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Also be sure to check out Tommy Kaira at SEMA 2012 as they are planning on making the long trip to showcase their work in North America.

More Tommy Kaira pictures can be found on our Flickr page HERE

| Wald International:
Next up was a quick stop at Wald International. Known for their wheel and aero products for whatever ‘baller’ car you may own. The pictures speak for themselves.

The only information Galen was able to gather from the sales rep was that all the cars in the shop, with exception to the Maserati, are all owned by Wald. Nice collection!

More Wald pictures can be found on our Flickr page HERE

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the start of our TAS 2012 coverage!


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