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iM Feature: Steve Plewes’ Numbskull Chopper

|OWNER: Steve Plewes
|VEHICLE: Custom Numbskull Chopper

About a week ago, we received an email from Steve Plewe wondering if we’d be interested in doing a feature on his chopper. First thought that came to my mind was “Of course!” although it may not be a a R35 GTR, Ducatti, or RWB Porsche – it is definitely different and we love nothing more than something a project that is completely unique.

Steve went on to say that it’s never been done before, gave the details of his bike and that it has not been exposed to public. At all. A couple things came to mind after reading this though
1 – What HASN’T been done that this guy has managed to accomplish?
2 – OK so it hasn’t been shown since last year, what could possibly be different this year?
and 3 – I hope he isn’t just pulling our legs.

Well shit, was I ever wrong. The attached pictures he let us see blew my socks off. I hit myself for doubting Steve so I immediately emailed Steve back and said “Let’s do this ASAP”. Lo and behold, I met Steve today and holy Chuck Norris was this thing wicked. Let’s get started…

With the restriction of the road conditions and weather, Steve was kind enough to even let me shoot the bike. The bike had been in the shop for almost a year and just recently got dropped off at his house and parked until I got there. He had never took it out before that, so it was a real pleasure to be there for the first time.

Performance Machine 6 piston brake

At first, I thought nothing of it but a simple detail. However, after delving into more details about the bike, this is a chrome crown gas cap home to a one-off gas tank holding 3.5 gallons of fuel. This isn’t a bike just for show, Steve plans on riding this thing hard.

The power plant that Numbskull holds is an Ultima 113 cubic inch motor putting out a crazy 120 hp and 120 lbs of torque. Steve plans on doing a dyno run once Spring time rolls around. The Sinful custom exhaust is hand made with two-tone materials. Black powder coated from the heads with a chrome heatshield and chrome tips to finish off the bling factor. An apocalypse air cleaner was made to accent the exhaust and accentuate the bikes overall “sinister” theme. There is a 2″ BDL primary that distributes the power to the rear while not over-crowding the left bank of the frame.

The beautiful custom airbrushed paint comes from House of Kolor and has a Pagan gold base and gold flake mixed into vibrant Tangelo orange to obtain the brightest sparkling yellows under the sun and the richest deep orange hues in the shade.

When Steve went to bring the bike out, I witnessed the air suspension in action which is just as cool as seeing it on a car. Steve’s air suspension, however consists of the frame housing all the supplied air to raise and lower the frame with the push of a button on the handles, ultimately getting rid of a kickstand.



The rims are made by Pickard USA, fitting 21×3.25″ in the front and a massive 300mm 18×10.5″ in the rear. The custom sheet metal work has been handmade to ensure elongated continuous flow throughout the frame.

Coles notes:
Frame: 8 Ball Manufacturing
Builders: Koolkustomz (Union City, Michigan), Precision Frameworx (Calgary, AB)
Wheels: Metzler
Rims: Pickard USA, 300mm rear, 21″ front
Motor: Ultima 113 cubic inch (1845cc)
Paint: house of Colors
Painter: MOB Airbrush (Nobleford, AB)
Exhaust: Frankie Serrano Designs (FSD)
Aircleaner: stainless Steel Creations
Primary: BDL
Speedo: Motogadget
Front Brake: Performance Machine 6 piston
Rear Brake: Hubless 360

Again, huge thanks to Steve for bringing a custom project like this forward, even before exposing it to an even bigger scene. We are super glad to be able to have it on illmotion, and as always, it shows that with the dedication, passion and of course, money, you can do amazing things. Steve is the perfect example.


iM Feature: Gangster D’s Honda S2000

If you are a frequent reader here on illmotion, you’ve probably noticed that there is a pretty popular platform amongst the numerous vehicles that have been featured or highlighted since we’ve started. If you guessed the Honda S2000, give yourself a round of applause.

What is it though that makes the Honda S2000 so popular to modify?

A look into the S2000’s history and you will find out that this RWD Convertible Sports Coupe introduced by Honda was received well by critics and drivers alike since it’s induction to the automotive industry in late 1999-early 2000.

The S2000 was a favorite amongst critics because of it’s high engine output and high redline(courtesy of its F20 inline 4 engine), well balanced suspension and handling, and it’s ultra smooth gearbox. With such an awesome reception from owners and car enthusiasts all over the world, it’s no wonder the Honda S2000 is a fan favorite.

What makes the S2000 an obvious contender for upgrading and tuning however, is it’s virtually unlimited array of aftermarket parts that are available for it from top notch performance manufacturers like Spoon Sports, Type-One Racing, Mugen, T1-R, J’s Racing, Phase, ASM-the list can literally go on forever.

With such an excellent selection of manufacturers to choose from, “Gangster D” knew right from the get go what his goals were to set the tone on how his idea of a tastefully modified “Street/Track” S2000 should look and perform.

Standing out from other S2000s in the game is Gangster D’s fully authentic Spoon Sports Wide Body Kit and Shine carbon side diffusers. Gangster D’s definitely putting in Work with a nice set of white Emotion XT-7s playing the field for this S2000’s “shoe game”.

If that wasn’t enough for an exterior introduction, Gangster D keeps it going with suspension goodness for days. Rocking front and rear Sway Bars, a Tower Bar and an X-Brace from Spoon Sports and many more suspension mods, there is no doubting this S2000s ability to stay planted to the concrete.

A look inside of Gangster D’s S2000 and you will find a few interior OEM pieces from the AP2, as well as Spoon Sports seats for both the driver and passenger. Comfort is key here as Takata Harnesses keep both occupants strapped to their seats.

For engine breathability, this is one S2000 that goes unnoticed when it’s Type One 70R Sparrow Exhaust is heard ripping it up at the track, or tamely galavanting the city streets, minding it’s own business.

As you go into further detail with Gangster D’s S2000, you will see there is a lot more to it than what has been mentioned (have a look the spec list and you will see). With such an amazing list of parts on this beast, Gangster D’s S2000 is living proof of how an S2000 can look, handle, and perform at the track, or even just cruise on the daily.

With what seems like an unlimited list of parts that are available to S2000 owners, the possibilities of building a one-off S2000 are endless. So if you’re in the market for a new tuning platform, the S2000 could be just what you are looking for, and look no further than Gangster D’s S2000 for some inspiration…

|OWNER: Gangster D
|VEHICLE: Honda S2000

Full Authentic Spoon Sports Wide Body kit
-Spoon Sports S-Tai Front Bumper
-Spoon Sports S-Tai Bonnet
-Spoon Sports Front Wide Fenders
-Spoon Sports Rear Wide Fender Flares
-Spoon Sports S-Tai Rear Bumper
-Spoon Sports Carbon Rear Diffuser
-Spoon Sports 3D GT Wing
-Spoon Sports Dry Carbon Coupe
-Spoon Sports Hydro Blue Wide Mirror
-Spoon Sports Short Antenna
-Shine Side Carbon Diffuser
1320 Performance Dry Carbon Front Splitter
Honda OEM AP2 headlight
Honda OEM AP2 Taillight

Safely 21 7 Point Roll Cage
Spoon Sports Carbon Kevlar Bucket Seat
Mugen Driver Seat Rail
Spoon Sports Sport Seat
Bride FO Passenger Side Seat Rail
Takata 4-Point Seat Belt Harness
Takata Shoulder Pad
Zoom Engineering Carbon Kevlar Rear Mirror
Isotta Nivola D Steering Wheel
Prodrive Horn Button
Honda OEM AP2 CR Shift knob
Honda OEM AP2 Door Panel
Honda OEM AP2 Center console
Honda OEM AP2 Roll Hoop with Speaker (06+)
Honda OEM AP2 Cluster Bezel

Spoon Sports Strut Tower Bar
Spoon Sports X-Brace
Spoon Sports Brake Calipers
Spoon Sports Brake Hose Set
Spoon Sports Engine Torque Damper Kit
Tein Master Circuit RA Coilovers
Alex Motorsport oversize Front and rear Sway Bar
Type One Racing Front Anti-Bumpsteer Kit
Type One Racing Rear Anti-BumpSteer Kit V2.0
Type One Racing Half Shaft Spacer
Type One Racing Tow Hook

Work XT7 17x9JJ +38 Offset – all around
Project Mu Racing Floating Wheel Nuts

Samco Intake Hose
Spoon Sports Air Cleaner
Spoon Sports Engine Fresh Air Duct (For S-Tai Bumper)
Spoon Sports Oil Cap
Spoon Sports Carbon Kevlar Plug Cover
Type One Racing Response Header
Type One Racing 70R Racing Convertor
Type One Racing 70R Sparrow Exhaust
Spoon Sports Radiator Stay
Spoon Sports Radiator Hose Set
Spoon Sports Thermo Switch
Spoon Sports Reservoir Tank Cover
Spoon Sports Magnetic Drain Bolt Set
J’s Racing Magnetic Oil Differential Bolt
Phase N1 Dual Radiator
Phase Radiator Cap

iM Feature: Jamie’s Honda S2000 v2.0

If you are new or fairly familiar to the car scene, you probably already know that you could break the scene down into two main groups. There is the group that represent the “Performance” side of things, and the group that represents the “Appearance” side. Dig a little deeper into the scene and a few builds will definitely stand out and represent a little bit of both.

When looking for that perfect balance of “Appearance” and “Performance”, there’s no disputing Jamie’s decision to opt for Honda’s rear wheel drive sports car, the S2000, as his platform. The exterior may scream “aggressive” with a quick glance. However, if you were to disect Jamie’s S2000 all the way down to its chassis, you will soon realize that there is a lot more to it than it’s stance, eye catching Volk CE28Ns, J’s rear wing, and J’s front canards.

Jamie, who actively participated at many Race City Motorsports Park Track Days, knew exactly what performance parts were needed to better his skill and technique on the road course. The more Jamie was on the track, the more the suspension, aero, and chassis were upgraded, with help from Japanese manufacturers like J’s Racing, T1-R and Cusco to name a few.

With the true passion of a car enthusiast, nothing was completed simply overnight, but achieved with careful thought and taken step by step, until the car performed precisely to Jamie’s driving style.

With an aggressive exterior and the proper knowledge on how to modify a vehicle according to a driver’s habits on the race track, Jamie’s S2000 is undeniably a true testament to achiveing that perfect balance between “Appearance” and “Performance”.

So if you ever get a chance to see Jamie’s S2000 in action at the track or even just cruising the streets, you now know there’s a lot more to it than it’s striking “Appearance”.

|OWNER: Jamie Fry
|VEHICLE: 2002 Honda S2000

J’s Racing Tsuchinoko intake
J’s Racing oil cap
J’s Racing rad cap
T1R exhaust
T1R sweat bands
Tien hood dampers

T1R B-Max 52 Coilovers
T1R anti bumpstear kit rear
T1R drive shaft spacers

Volk Racing CE-28n 17 x 8.5
Volk racing lug nuts
245/40/17 Dunlop Direzza Star Specs tires
Stop Tech slotted rotors
Hawk Performance Plus pads

J’s Racing 3D GT Wing Type 1
J’s Racing Rear Diffuser CFRP
J’s Racing front half spoiler
J’s Racing carbon fiber canards
J’s Racing version 1 carbon fiber hood
Siebon carbon fiber trunk
APR carbon fiber mirrors

Bride low max vios III
T1R shift knob
Cusco Roll Cage
Takata 4 point harness x2

For a few more pics be sure to check them out HERE

iM Feature: Giuseppe’s Nissan Skyline

Around 2004-05, Canadians were allowed to bring in vehicles from Japan and have them registered to drive on Canadian soil. When Canadians were given such an opportunity, cars that were once unheard of or simply dreamed about slowly started making their way from Japan. With more and more RHD vehicles being brought into Canada, cars like the Toyota Chaser and Nissan Siliva started becoming household names. One of the more popular platforms brought over from Japan definitely had to be the Nissan Skyline.

With a crazy surge of RHD Japanese vehicles being brought in from Japan, what once was a dream for many, slowly started becoming a nightmare for enthusiasts and even RHD owners. Parts were simply unobtainable for a few vehicles, while other enthusiasts were bothered by the ignorance of some RHD owners on the road.

Forward to the present, Japanese RHD vehicles are certainly still around, but not as popular as they once were. There are certain RHD vehicles that do stand out however, and these are the ones that everyone can have appreciation for.

As most will agree, a car can only be appreciated, if it is in the hands of the right owner. Have a look at Giuseppe’s RHD Nissan Skyline, and you will find a true testament to this statement.

The exterior appearance of Giuseppe’s car showcases his ambition towards making this Skyline unlike the others seen on Canadian streets. With a fresh Shadow Grey finish, Version Select V.1 Kit, Carbon Fiber Accents (Hood, Trunk, Mirrors, Canards) and a nicely stanced set of Work XD9s complimenting each other on the exterior, one look under the hood and this ambition goes a step further.

Giuseppe’s Skyline is powered by an RB25DET with power assistance from a Garrett GT30R Turbo, “Godzilla’s roar” can be heard through the A’PEXi Exhaust. Should this Skyline need to be brought to a sudden halt, a GT-R brake conversion answers the call.

A look at the interior of the vehicle, and you will find that whoever is in the driver’s seat, is given first priority. A Bride Seat and Takata Harness provide the driver with a better feel and more focus for the road.

Since the Skyline’s RWD platform is a favorite amongst drifters, you better believe that Giuseppe’s Skyline has it’s suspension game on lock. With suspension goodies from Tein, Whiteline, JIC, and Megan to name a few, there’s no doubting this Skyline’s grip & drift abilities.

Displaying an overall impressive package, we gotta give it up to Guiseppe for having one hell of a Skyline that we can all appreciate. As common as it may be for Skylines and other RHD vehicles to be on the roads in Canada, it is uncommon to find ones that are well thought out, and orchestrated in the right hands.

Well done, Giuseppe!

Car: Nissan Skyline
Owner: Guiseppe Di Gaeta


-Version Select V.1 Kit
-Seibon CF Vented Hood
-Seibon CF Trunk
-DMaxx Roof Spoiler
-APR CF Mirrors
-Origin Labs Front CF Canards


-Bride Seat
-Takata Harness
-Greddy Gauges


-Garrett GT30R Turbo
-Tial Wastegate
-HKS Super Sequential Blow-Off Valve
-XS Power Turbo Manifold
-Autopwr Radiator w/Electric Dual Rad Fans
-Deatschwerks 740CC Injectors
-o34 Coils
-GT-R Front Mount Intercooler
-GT-R Intake Manifold
-A’PEXi Exhaust
-RB25DET Transmission
-RPS Stage 3 Clutch
-Custom One-Piece Driveshaft
-OG Giken 2-Way Differential


-Autronic SM4
-Greddy Profec B2 Boost Controller


-Whiteline Front Swaybar
-GT-R Rear Swaybar
-Tein Super Drift Coilovers
-Cusco Strut Bars
-JIC Tension Rods
-Power Trixx Front Upper Control Arms
-Megan Rear Upper Arms


-Work XD-9 18×9 +20
-GT-R Brakes w/ Slotted Rotors


iM Feature: OG (Orlando’s Garage) 1986 Toyota Corolla GT-S

The AE86.

Popularized by the Japanese Manga “Intial D”, the Toyota AE86 Corolla is probably one of the most desired cars by comic book fans, drifters and enthusiasts alike. Anyone who’s ever owned, ridden in, or come close to an 86 knows there’s just something that leaves one to wonder just what it is about the car that leaves them wanting more.

Is it the car’s 50/50 balance? It’s trademark Toyota “odd looks”? Or the fact that it was considered Toyota’s last “compact” RWD sports car? Your guess is as good as ours.

What happens though, when you mix a “Toyota at heart” soul and the 86 platform? Well, have a look at Orlando Tan’s 1986 Toyota Corolla GT-S.

Orlando Tan of “(O.G.) Orlando’s Garage” has made quite a name for himself when it comes to anything and everything to do with custom motor swaps, and living the 86 life. A prime example of Orlando’s work you ask? Well, you may remember Benny’s F20-swapped Panda 86 that we featured a little over a year ago.

Upon first glance of Orlando’s AE86, the exterior just leaves you breathless. With Toyota’s attractive “Super Red” paint shining, fitted with a Kouki Trueno front bumper, Zenki Trueno front lip, Kouki Trueno side skirts, Kouki Trueno rear bumper, and Toyota Kouki OEM “Redline” taillights, everything else in the car perfectly falls into place.

When it came to the interior of this AE86, Orlando knew very well that almost all interior pieces are just impossible to find (in good condition) nowadays. To kick it old school, one look of the interior and you will find nothing but pristine OEM goodness. That’s right, the interior is well restored and Orlando went all out to ensure the interior remained all OEM Toyota everything.

With the AE86 well known for it’s suspension, this Corolla stays glued to the road thanks to a Carbing Tri-Bar strut tower bar, Techno Toy Tuning front and rear coilovers and KYB AGX shocks on all four corners.

With an amazing interior and exterior, you’re left to wonder just what is in the belly of the beast. As mentioned earlier, Orlando, known for his incredible swaps and custom work, keeps his signature going with a Beam’s grey top VVT-i 3SGE suited with a Toyota CT20B Turbo, under the hood. With a very clean swap to perfectly flow with the rest of the car, Orlando’s Beam’s AE86 just screams “unassuming”.

So just what is it about the AE86 that leaves one wanting more? In Orlando’s case, this AE86 is his answer.

With countless hours, late nights and early mornings going into this car at Orlando’s Garage, this is one AE86 that you truthfully have to see in person to believe. Until then though, we hope these photos are enough to tide you over.

//OWNER: Orlando Tan
//CAR: 1986 Toyota Corolla GT-S


BEAMS Greytop 3SGE VVti
OG Engine Harness
OG Custom Motor Mounts using AE86 bushings
OG Custom turbo manifold built from old Toyota piping 1 5/8″ Primaries
OG Custom 3″ Downpipe
OG Custom 3″ exhaust made from Greddy Stock
OG Custom Oil feed lines
OG Custom Oil pan and pickup
Toyota CT20B Ceramic turbo
OG Custom BEAMS intake manifold with internal velocity stacks
OEM Toyota 70mm Throttle Body
HKS Black Limited BOV
OG Custom Intercooler Piping
Autopwr R32 Intercooler
Autopwr AE86 Racing Radiator


Stinger 4 Standalone ECU
PLX Devices wideband o2 sensor and gauge


OG Custom 3S to W58 bell housing
W58 5-Speed Transmission
OEM 3SGTE Clutch
OG Custom Driveshaft
OEM Toyota LSD Rear End


T3 Front Camber Plates
T3 Front Coilovers
T3 Rear Coilovers
KYB AGX shocks all 4 corners
CARBING Front Tri-bar


15×8 0 offset TE37 Replicas
Wilwood Minilite BBK
Goodridge SS Lines


OEM Toyota Kouki Trueno Front Bumper
OEM Toyota Zenki Trueno Front Lip
OEM Toyota Kouki Trueno Rear Bumper
OEM Toyota Kouki Trueno Side Skirts
OEM Toyota Corolla GTS Rear Wing
OEM Toyota Kouki Trueno Redline Taillights