About Us

Est. Mar 2010

What is illmotion?

A common question that is asked by anyone who hears the name.

Based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, illmotion was founded by a group of friends who felt the need to give the car scene in Calgary a much needed boost as it’s car culture seemed to be fading.

As car enthusiasts, there will always be some sort of appreciation for a modified car no matter the make or model. illmotion was introduced to expose local project cars/builds, car shows/events, and meets that bring all sorts of enthusiasts together who share the same love and passion for this lifestyle.

With help from the world wide web, illmotion is able expose the local Calgary car scene and share it with the rest of world, connecting with peers who are trying to do the same thing for their cities.

With the support illmotion has garnered thus far, there’s just no stopping the motivation that the illmotion crew has to continue to show the world what Calgary (and surrounding areas) has to offer.

illmotion is…

Aldrich Evangelista

Corey O’Hara

JC Tenchavez

Jason Hoang

Prashant Topiwala

Punit Patel

Ryan O’Hara


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