iM: The Re-Up 2011 (Part 3)

It doesn’t stop as we continue with Part 3 of our Re-Up 2011 feature!

With what we’ve re-upped so far it’s definitely been an amazing year!

|OWNER: Michael Kwan
|VEHICLE: MK3 Toyota Supra

We had the opportunity to have Michael Kwan join us for DTP Vancouver. If you’re wondering what DTP awarded as “Best Stance”, look no further.

iM Highlight: Michael Kwan’s MK3 Toyota Supra

|OWNER: Jason Hoang
|VEHICLE: 2011 Subaru STI

illmotion’s own Jason Hoang continues to keep the haters talking with his new project, a Subaru STI sedan. This is only the beginning. You’ve been warned.

iM Highlight: Jason’s Burple Beast

|OWNER: Gabe
|VEHICLE: 1990 Honda Civic EF Hatch

Long story short, “HOLY EF!!!”. That is all.

iM Feature: Gabe’s 1990 Civic EF Hatch

|OWNER:Punit Patel
|VEHICLE: Acura Integra

Another one of illmotion’s very own, Punit Patel delivers the goods with his K24 swapped Acura Integra. Haters get mad.

iM Feature: Punit Patel’s 2001 Acura Integra

|OWNER: Orlando Tan
|VEHICLE: 1986 Toyota Corolla GT-S

One of the sickest AE86s in Calgary, we were excited to shoot this car since we first started illmotion. It wasn’t until this year that we finally got to shoot this beast, and what a beast it really is.

iM Feature: OG (Orlando’s Garage) 1986 Toyota Corolla GT-S

|OWNER: Jamie Fry
|VEHICLE: Honda S2000

You may remember Jamie Fry’s feature from last year, but with more mods this year it was only right we hit you with a Version 2.0!

iM Feature: Jamie’s Honda S2000 V2.0


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